Information About Seven Peaks That All Mount Hope Residents and Minisink Valley Tax Payers Need to Know:

Currently, there is a major development project seeking approval which is located on Mountain Road in the Town of Mamakating (Tax Map Section 68; Block 1; Lot 30.1 and Section 72; Block 1; Lot 1.1 in the Ridge Valley Protection Zone).

This project is being by the same developer, Shalom Lamm, who is responsible for the Village at Chestnut Ridge townhouse development on Winterton Road in Bloomingburg.  As recent reports have revealed, Lamm originally misled the town and village residents as he said this development was intended to be 125 single family homes. It is is now a 396-townhouse development in Bloomingburg and was revealed to be a new Satmar-only village.

 High-Density development in these areas will have disastrous impact on the quality of our life as we know it, including increased pollution, higher taxes, harm to the environment, water/well issues and a catastrophic impact on the Pine Bush & Minisink Valley School Districts.  Although Seven Peaks is located in Sullivan County, it IS located within the Minisink Valley School District and has the potential to have an enormous impact on ALL Minisink Valley taxpayers. 

 We urge you to read the articles and visit the websites below. Please remain informed and make a stand against special interests!



  • Spread the Word, tell neighbors, family & friends.
  • Attend Meetings - including Town of Mamakating Board meeting ( and the Minisink Valley Central School District Board Meetings (
  • Approach your local town board and request a letter of interest in regards to this development.
  • Write your emails of concern to: Minisink Valley Board of Education, Orange County Legislature (, Sullivan County Legislature, Town of Mamakating (


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The vote results from Tuesday Dec 9 for fire commissioners resulted in all five commissioners being replaced with new commissioners. 

By overwhelming majorities, five newcomers running for seats on the Mount Hope Fire District's Board of Commissioners coasted to easy victory Tuesday night.

The five new commissioners, plus a sixth candidate who ran for secretary-treasurer, campaigned together to oust the entire board.

The top vote-getters were Kevin Musial, 123; Carl “Rick” Vreeland, 107; Deborah Taylor, 106; Jim Kowalczik, 103; and Kerry Clair, 99. Kathy Hosking took the secretary-treasurer’s spot with 114 votes.
The nearest competitor was outgoing commissioner Bob Zawasky, with 69 votes.

The district was formed a year ago in the final act of the previous Town Board and was dissolved in a public referendum in August. The outgoing commissioners’ projected $66,000 cost for the dissolution led to the groundswell of opposition that ultimately defeated them.