firetruck.jpgIssue for Mount Hope - Decision in regards to new Mount Hope Fire District:

As our town pulls itself back together and reviews decisions made by the previous board there seem to be a few things that should have gone to public opinion, with an opportunity for the public to be heard in regards to these decisions.

One of those issues is the new Mount Hope Fire district. This is a very important issue and many people feel that more input is needed by both sides before going ahead with it, or doing away with it.

There is now an opportunity for Mount Hope residents to approve or reject a proposal for a new district and voice their opinions, an opportunity which was previously denied by former town board members.

There is now a petition for this referendum and it can be signed at Freedom Hill Farm (115 Grange Road, Otisville). Please sign this petition - AND LET US GET OUR VOICE BACK!

Remember - this is NOT a petition to do away with the new fire district or to keep it - it is a petition for an opportunity to be heard, to follow due processes, to find out more, and for our town residents to participate and make an informed opinion in regards to this issue.

Mount Hope United will post additional information - FACTS - both pro and con within the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.

Latest News:

YOU DID IT!!!! An overwhelming vote of 1334 NO's to just 23 YES votes!

Stay tuned - next up - what to do with the school...



Postcards have ben sent out to every voting household in MountHope/Otisville. Vote is scheduled for Feb 25th from 8 am to 8 pm.  With this special election it does not appear that we can have absentee ballots, so please try to get there to vote.  This is very critical.

Signs are popping up everywhere which is great to see! We have a few signs left, so please do get one on your lawn....errr...snow pile.